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To show the performance efficiency of our Thermo Hood we have composed some comparison values. Our graph illustrates the utilization areas of the Thermo Hood on the basis of temperature curves which were ascertained in practical experiments. As the curve shows, the temperature of your freight can be held virtually stabile for many hours.

The transporters of temperature dependent goods, especially those of food retail companies, are constantly faced with logistic and organizational problems in order to ensure that the cold chain is not interrupted, and therefore allow them to fulfil the legal requirements put upon them.

Temperature Dependent Transportation of Goods
Isiflex Thermo Hoods offer an uncomplicated solution for the transportation of temperature dependent goods. The specially coated outer material of this insulation covering guarantees a long lifecycle and provides protection for your goods. Thermo Hoods are custom made according to the goods you transport. The Isiflex Insulation Hood has outstanding grime repellent characteristics.

Convincing Characteristics
The Insulation Hood consists of two robust synthetic fabrics with a filling of quilted fleece. This material functions as an optimal temperature stabilizer and remains flexible and soft to the touch.
An additional advantage: The covering is recyclable.

The Fastening System:
High performance zippers or Velcro are used for the Thermo Hoods. This fastening system guarantees the simple and quick handling of the covering hood.

Simple Handling
Thanks to the uncomplicated “fastening procedure” the application of the Thermo Hood is totally trouble free. It is simply pulled over the goods to be transported. When the goods have reached their destination the hoods are folded together to save space and sent back with the remaining empties.

Individual Dimensions
The Thermo Hood are “custom made” for your transportation merchandise and your special requirements. It is suited for all industrial pallet sizes. From a beer case up to a container:
We produce the “custom made hood” for your transport merchandise.

Trouble Free Maintenance
The Isiflex-Thermo-Hood requires no particular maintenance because of its exceptional grime repellent characteristics. If however a one time cleaning is necessary, it is sufficient to wash it with clear water or with a detergent based agent. The material dries very quickly. Within a short period the Thermo-Hood is again useable.

Versatile Applikation Possibilities
The Isiflex-Thermo-Hood has proven itself in the food retail companies, especially in chilled freight, when for example milk products, fruit and vegetables have to be transported. To optimize the function of the Thermo-Hood we recommend that you test it in the area of application. The advantages of our product quickly become clear.

Temperaturverlauf ISIFLEX-Thermo-Haube


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